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Our Team...

Our Team is composed by a multidisciplinary group of experts specialised in different areas that, besides projecting have also carried out work, which, therefore grants them experience enough to come up with practical solutions to solve problems

Since 1990 that we follow the mechanisation of the forest operations in our country by accomplishing countless projects associated with the newest and fittest equipment available for these operations, from soil preparation to the transport of forest products. 
Since 1994 that we are concerned with water consumption and we install irrigation systems with programmers associated to sensors that, in accordance with the amount of water on the soil, do the management responsible of the irrigation in the green spaces. From 1999 we implement projects related with environmental recovery using biophysical structures and plantations of autochthonous species, including the recovery of damaged areas (such as marshes).  
Since 1992 that, in order to solve the problem of the lack of Land Registration System in Portugal, we use GPS to survey the areas along with GIS (Geographic Information System) to obtain different types of maps. Every Planning projected by us is supported by georeferenced maps associated with data collected on the field.
Since 2006 that we use software that allow us to be permanently connected to the management units in which we operate, enabling an effective control of the operations being developed there, from the production to the delivery of the products. This technology grants us the total operational control, reducing the costs  and increasing the incomes. This management is substantial to agriculture and forest precision.
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