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We consider Quality and the Environment as essential factors for the strategic and sustained development of the projects we carry out. That is why:

1 - we commit ourselves to do everything possible to satisfy the needs of the stakeholders in all processes - customers, employees, suppliers and to make an effort to exceed their expectations;

2 - we commit ourselves to comply with the objectives defined for each project, respecting the existing legislation and always trying to be more demanding with what is required;

3 - we commit ourselves to plan our activities in order to prevent contamination, ensuring an effort to continuously improve our environmental behaviour;

4 - we will minimise the environmental impact of our activities, with a special focus on waste management, always with the philosophy of "reducing, reusing and recycling" and whenever this is not possible, give them a final destination that ensures the least impact on the environment;

5 - we will encourage the training and awareness of our employees, as well as communication with sub-contractors;

6 - we are firmly committed to continuously improving the effectiveness of the company's Quality and Environment Management System;

7 - we will disclose the Quality and Environment policy.

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