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- MANAGEMENT OF FOREST AREAS - we do forest management of areas, increasing the income of the forest in a sustainable way. In order to accomplish that we:

  •  do forest inventory and the evaluation of the forest land;

  •  develop projects and management plans for the forest and look for financial solutions that cover their investments;

  • coordinate and monitor forest works;

  • develop projects of forest certification;

  • commercialise forest products, from wood to biomass, in Portugal and worldwide.

- DEVELOPMENT OF FOREST MANAGEMENT TOOLS -  We help the Forest Producer to manage his/hers forest area through:

  • Forest Consulting - we diagnose and propose profitable solutions;

  • we do the forest inventory and evaluation of the forest areas;

  • we develop Forest Management Plans, Phytosanitary , Biodiversity and Market studies;

  • we develop projects related to the Forest Precision concept;

  • we develop systems of due diligence that grant the traceability of the forest products according to EUTR, avoiding their disappearance and granting their origin;

  • we elaborate general and thematic mapping, land and crop registration;

  • we commercialise backup software for the decision making regarding the forest sector.


  • we offer skilled training (in order to enhance qualifications) in the forest sector;

  • we develop projects of forest certification (sustainable forest management) and chain of custody or responsibility chain);

  • we do expert reports with or without juridic backup;

  • we develop Forest Logistic and Mechanization  Projects;

  • we take part in expropriation negotiation proceedings  with or without legal support. 

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