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RUSTECHWOOD - The Due Diligence System

The Rustechwood system, part of the Rustechworld platform, is a due diligence system that complies with the requirements required by law:

- Information about the supply by the operator;

- Risk assessment;

- Limitation and mitigation of risks.

Rustechwood, after a risk analysis, stores all information regarding the operation of each Management Unit. The Platform allows the organization of information by Management Unit and associates all types of cartography to the areas in execution, as well as all types of documents that prove the origin of the products of the Management Unit. Rustechwood allows you to work simultaneously with several types of products, whether or not they come from the same Management Unit - in the case of the forest, roundwood, different types of wood, different species, biomass, etc. With Rustechwood you can identify each moment the operator associated with the operation in question, thus allowing each product load to be held responsible.

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