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- AGRICULTURAL MANAGEMENT - we support Agricultural Management, increasing the profitability of agricultural projects in a sustainable perspective. In order to accomplish that we:

  • carry out AGRICULTURAL INVENTORY and evaluation of agricultural patrimony (rustic buildings);

  • prepare AGRICULTURAL MANAGEMENT PLANS (including irrigation and crop treatments), Phytosanitary Studies, Biodiversity Studies and Market Studies;

  • coordinate and monitor agricultural works;

  • carry out PRECISION AGRICULTURE projects;

  • elaborate general and thematic CARTOGRAPHY, land registration, crop registration (wine, olive, etc.);

  •  DEVELOP AND SELL decision support software for the agricultural sector;

  • COMMERCIALISE agricultural biomass, resulting from the pruning of different crops;

  • do expert reports with or without legal support;

  • participate in EXPROPRIATION NEGOTIATION PROCESSES, with or without legal support.

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